Testimonials From Customers



Hunter Hillin was Brilliant in the court room

Posted by Jeff
November 5, 2019

Most folks would probably prefer to settle their case outside of court, but sometimes you can't get the other side to agree to a reasonable compromise. That is what happened in my case, so we went to a jury trial. Hunter did his research and was extremely well prepared for the case. Even though we were trying the case in a venue that favored our opponent, Hunter's people skills and judgement were on full display in every aspect of the case. Long story short, we won thanks to him!

I'm your huckleberry

Posted by anonymous
February 4, 2011

In times of need you look for an advocate. Someone with knowledge, common sense and a core belief in the law. Hunter is a man with diligence and practicality. Hunter works with a passion for law to look at your case honestly. He takes time to listen to your concerns and develops a respectful and professional relationship that allows you to believe someone is in your corner

Wouldn't trust any other lawyer! Hunter Hillin is the BEST!

Posted by DeAnne
October 19, 2010

When we had our first child, seven years ago, we had no idea that contacting a lawyer was going to be a part of the "new parent" hype. From the first moment of speaking with Hunter we knew that he was the lawyer for us. There are not words to give justice to the service we have received while working with him on our case. We have never doubted his judgement, his character, or his knowledge of the law. On top of being a great lawyer he is a wonderful human being. There is not one person other than him that I would want representing our case. He is not only our lawyer but our friend. Having a child is stressful enough but when special needs are mixed in it is a whirlwind of sadness and extra stress. Hunter has made this process as stress free and easy as possible. He takes on the legal stress for you so you can focus on being the best parent you can be to a very special child. We highly recommend Hunter and his team to anyone who feels that they or their child have been wronged by the medical community. He is thorough, persistent, and trustworthy. He will fight for you when you can't fight for yourself.